Sustainability & Ethics

We send all orders in padded envelopes certified with FSC MIX (Paper from responsible sources), which are also easy to recycle. Our packing material allows us to send small letters with as little "unnecessary air" as possible. All materials used in our warehouse and office are source-sorted daily. However, there won't be much leftover rubbish, thanks to the fact that our products are so small. We turn off all lights and electronics every day.

The jewelry manufacturer we work with is sustainable, transparent and ethical. They only use materials that are ethically produced, both regarding crystals and silver. When it comes to crystals, it's not just about how and where they are found. The way they are handled afterwards with for example chemicals is also very important. Since this is done at our manufacturer, we know that it is done safely and that there are no risks of child labor or dangerous handling of chemicals with the wrong kind of protective clothing.

Thanks to the demands for a higher sustainable standard, they have built an environmentally friendly building which, among other things, is powered by solar cells and locally produced building materials which have been selected to have as little climate impact as possible. Water purification systems have also been installed to reuse water as well as sewage treatment plants to release the cleanest water possible.

Independent checks are performed to ensure good working conditions. During the pandemic, when the factory was closed for a period, the employees continued to be paid salary. Even all their wooden furniture is purchased from an economic, social and environmental perspective, which guarantees that the products have not contributed to the destruction of forests.

The factory has a number of awards and certificates, some of them are:

Gem Certified Sustainability Building - 3/3 gems

Gem Certificate¬†‚Äúhas successfully achieved the Sustainability Standards specified under GEM Sustainability Certification Program with following level of certification 3/3 gems‚ÄĚ

CERTIFICATE of Declaration:

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System of 120 KW to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce collective dependence on fossil fuel generating 186,782 kWh (approx) per year.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of 5 KLD capacity which helps to produce water that is safe, clear, colourless and odourless by the process of reverse osmosis, demineralized and deionized. 

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) comprising of KLD capacity used to treat waste water and to reduce the contaminated water released into the environment.