Privacy Policy

Cielo Crystals protects your privacy and always strives for a high level of data protection (e.g. we would never sell your personal data to another company). This privacy policy explains how we collect and use your personal information. It also describes your rights and how you can enforce them.

Legal basis

The GDPR stipulates that all processing of personal data must rest on a legal basis. Here it is described for which purposes we process personal data, which categories of personal data are processed and on which legal basis the processing is carried out for you as a customer of Cielo Crystals.

What information do we collect about you?

We process and store information you provide to us yourself when you become a member of Cielo Crystals or, for example, make purchases, orders, contact our customer service, sign up for newsletters, use Data may also be created about you when you use your membership to take advantage of promotions or offers. Our web pages use cookies and similar technologies that collect information from your browser. When you visit, we process data about browser settings and technical information about your device, as well as user-generated data, such as clicks and visit history. Read more about how we manage cookies.

What do we use the data for?

The information is used so that we can fulfill our commitments to you, administer your membership, complaint matters, exchanges and otherwise provide you with good service, as well as for marketing purposes. The personal data can further form the basis for Cielo Crystals market and customer analyses, business and method development, personalization of content on our web pages, improvement of our services, as well as statistics and customer segmentations. Cielo Crystals can also do general marketing as well as SMS and email to members. Marketing can also be based on profiling based on purchase behavior and other user-generated data. The data may also be used to establish, enforce or defend legal claims. This may, for example, involve checks on suspected fraudulent behaviour.

Contact details

Purpose: Administer membership and marketing mailings. Details: Name, email. Legal basis: Performance of contract, legitimate interest.

Management of purchases

Purpose: Deliver an ordered/purchased product including notification of delivery, be able to make identification, handle payments, handling complaints and returns. Details: Name, address, email, telephone number, order information, details of the purchase. Legal basis: Fulfillment of purchase agreement, legitimate interest.

Marketing of products and services

Purpose: Show relevant product recommendations, send direct marketing via electronic channels of communication, e.g. by running campaigns or sending offers and invitations to events. Data: Name, address, email, phone number, use of websites and other digital channels. Legal basis: Fulfillment of membership agreement, legitimate interest.

Purchase data

Purpose: Statistics, targeted marketing based on purchasing behavior, development of methods, improvement of services, handling of complaints and returns. Details: Details of the purchase. Legal basis: Fulfillment of purchase agreement, legitimate interest.

Benefits, offers and events

Purpose: Management of benefits and offers, events and competitions. Details: Name, address, phone, email. Legal basis: Fulfillment of membership agreement, legitimate interest.

Response data

Purpose: Improve our services, statistics, targeted marketing based on behavior. Details: Purchases or other forms of redemption, such as coupons/codes. Legal basis: Fulfillment of membership agreement, legitimate interest.

Click data

Purpose: Improve our services, statistics, targeted marketing based on behavior. Data: Opening and clicking on links in newsletters and other digital communications. Legal basis: Fulfillment of membership agreement, legitimate interest.

Web data

Purpose: Statistics, adapting the website to your interests and needs, further developing and improving the website, targeted marketing based on behaviour. Data: IP address, cookies, visit history, technical data about your devices. Legal basis: Fulfillment of membership agreement, legitimate interest.

Handling of customer service cases

Purpose: Communicate and answer inquiries that come in to customer service via phone or in digital channels (including social media). Investigate support issues and complaints, make identification. Details: Name, contact details, social security number, correspondence, details of purchases, technical details. Legal basis: The processing is necessary to satisfy your and our interest in being able to handle customer service matters, legitimate interest.

Who processes the data?

Your privacy is very important to us. Cielo Crystals therefore does not release your data to third parties and we would never sell your data. However, data may be processed by so-called personal data assistants, i.e. companies that Cielo Crystals cooperates with regarding IT operation, payment solutions, analysis, printing, distribution and marketing. These parties may not use information about you for any purpose other than to provide services for which they are engaged and only on the terms Cielo Crystals specifies.

How do we protect your data?

Cielo Crystals attaches great importance to the safe handling of your data. For everyone who handles and processes personal data, it is important to ensure that the personal data is protected in a good way. We therefore use appropriate technical solutions and administrative processes and routines to manage and protect the data we collect. Special attention is paid to information security to prevent, prevent and detect if data is disseminated to outsiders or lost. Access to personal data is only given to those who need it for their work tasks.

Storage time

Data is not saved longer than is necessary with regard to the purpose of the processing. In practical terms, this means that data is thinned out when it is no longer relevant or necessary for analyzes or direct marketing and the purposes for which it has been collected.


If you believe that data is being processed in violation of current regulations, you should notify us as soon as possible. You can also submit a complaint to Datainspektionen,

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