Jewelry Care

Take care of your jewelry and take it off when you shower, sleep and exercise so that it stays nice for a long time. Some crystals are more sensitive to water, so it is best to always keep your jewelry dry.

Sterling Silver is one of the most used metals in the world. In its purest state, silver is so soft that it cannot be used in jewelry making, so an alloy (mixture) with another metal, usually copper, is used to strengthen the silver. This mixture of silver and copper is called Sterling Silver 925.

Silver jewelry is durable, but all silver darkens over time. Silver reacts to hydrogen sulphide and oxygen which can be found, among other things, on the skin, in various fabrics, perfumes and in some skin creams.

Metals such as silver do not rust, but they can darken more quickly if they are frequently exposed to water.

Vermeil looks like pure gold but at a better price. Gold Vermeil is a thick gold plating containing at least 2.5 microns and the base metal must be Sterling Silver. Our jewelry with Gold Vermeil lasts a long time and gives the impression of 100% pure gold.

Our gold vermeil jewelry does not contain copper, chrome or nickel, which are the most common metals to cause an allergic reaction.
To keep your jewelry nice for as long as possible, avoid wearing it when you shower, exercise, sauna, or any type of heat. Put them on after perfume, skin and hair products have dried, so it doesn't come into contact with your jewelry.

To clean, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners, as this will likely remove the gold plating.

Some of our products have gold plating over Sterling Silver 925.
Avoid wearing your jewelry when showering, exercising, sauna, or any type of heat. Put on your jewelry after perfume, skin and hair products have dried, so it does not come into contact with your jewelry.