Gifting tips

Jewelry with crystals is a great personal gift because all crystals carry different messages. When you shop for crystal jewelry with us, you always receive a card about the meaning of the selected crystal. Here we have collected our best tips for gifts.

What do you need?

All crystals are said to have different properties and meanings. To help you decide which crystals you should wear, we have collected some of the most common and popular properties. What symbolism are you drawn to?


Crystals are not only beautiful to look at, they are also perfect to wear as empowering and protective amulets. All crystals have their own meanings; such as communicating more easily, feeling love for yourself or having the courage to finally dare to take that step. What crystal are you drawn to?


We have several popular collections to choose from. Whether you want to wear large or small crystals, there is something for everyone. Which collection is your favorite?