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Welcome to Cielo Crystals!

We love crystals and especially wearing them as jewelry. In our webshop you will find crystal jewelry that symbolizes everything from love and positivity to strength and courage. Whether you believe in the magic of stones or not, they all have beautiful messages that you are reminded of when you wear them and they are perfect as gifts for your loved ones. Read more about crystals here.

Our history

In spring 2018, I did an aura and chakra photography. The woman who read my picture said I had blockages in my throat chakra. And she was right. I had difficulty communicating and expressing myself. I often felt misunderstood.

A few days later I purchased a necklace with a beautiful blue aquamarine that symbolizes communication. I started wearing it every time I had an important call or a presentation at work. It became like a helping amulet. I was reminded of this every time I saw the stone and a few months later my limitations in communication were gone.

My friend Elin and I became even more interested in crystals and started looking for crystal jewelry that was beautiful and had good quality at a reasonable price. When we realized that it was difficult to find exactly what we wanted, our idea was born, to design our own crystal jewelry. It resulted in Cielo Crystals and we hope you will like our jewelry as much as we do!


Co-Founder - Cielo Crystals

Our jewelry is designed by us and of high quality, created with care and love. If you have any questions or need some guidance, we're here to help! We want you to feel satisfied with your purchase, so all questions and concerns are welcome.

Company information

Cielo Crystals AB


Contact us at: help@cielocrystals.com