Gift tips

Jewelry with meaning

Jewelry with crystals is a great personal gift because all crystals carry different messages. When you shop for crystal jewelry with us, you always receive a card about the meaning of the selected crystal, which will be a nice message to the person who receives the gift.

Christmas news

Personalized letter charms in sparkling white topaz and elegant freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets. Could it be more fitting for Christmas? If you're looking for personalized Christmas gifts or perfect jewelry for winter festivities, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Personal gifts

Birthstone jewelry

All birthstones have unique properties and are said to give extra strength, power and energy to its wearer. These pieces of jewelry are perfect to give as gifts as the crystal is linked to the recipient's month of birth.


Astrology is something that only gets more popular every year. Our zodiac charms are filled with sparkling white topaz crystals which are said to have bright energies. A perfect personalized birthday gift for the jewelry lover.


Moon jewelry is some of our best sellers and together with the rainbow moonstone, they symbolize feminine energy and harmony. It will be an appreciated gift with an extra meaning.